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Author Topic: Short impression of the vorzuge pure amp  (Read 2884 times)
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« on: May 20, 2012, 10:50:56 AM »

When I saw that the vorzuge amps were in stock at Jaben, I was immediately drawn to the design of the amps. The website wasn't very informative either. Since I would be in city hall today, I popped down to Jaben for a quick listen. I didn't stay very long because Jaben was unusually crowded.

I was only able to listen to the pure amp, and not the duo amp, so I did not try out the bass and treble switches. I used the amp with my JVC FXT90 and the store's beyerdynamics T1. the amp is small, slightly shorter and wider than the iPhone 4S, so i will classify it as a portable amp. Probably still too big to fit in a tight jeans pocket though. The most surprising thing to me is that there is no gain switch on the amp, so I initially suspected that this amp may not be used to drive full size headphones.

With the JVC FXT90: From my short listen, I felt that the bass of the FXT90 became more boomy and muddled, instead of the great PRAT that it had before. Definitely not a good pairing.

With the T1: The T1 is a pretty hard headphones to drive, and it required me to turn my O2 amp (6.5 gain) to about the 1 or 2 oclock position to achieve my normal listening volume. However, with the vorzuge amp, the volume pot was at the 10 to 11 oclock position and the same sound level is achieved. Pretty impressive for a portable amp! Unlike with the FXT90, the pairing is fantastic and the T1 sounds great in all areas, no complaints anywhere.

Final thought: I'm sorry for the lack of detailed information contained in this post but i didn't want to hang around jaben when there were people looking for seats (especially since i won't be making any purchase). I feel that with the lack of a gain switch, it seems that the amp is tuned to drive full size headphones instead of iems (and my FXT90 is one of the harder to drive iems in the market, i can't imagine what will happen with  iems). Pretty ironic since it's a small portable amp. In any case, it definitely worth heading down to check it out. My only concern is that it's high price might not make it a valued for money purchase, considering the many alternative portable amps in the same price range.

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For more info on the O2 amp, please visit my blog: http://myaudioaddiction.blogspot.com
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